Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blog Post #11

 What can we learn about teaching and learning from these teachers?

Brain Crosby-Back to the future 

 As a future teacher I think these videos were very beneficial. From them we can learn how teaching is transforming, evolving, and how students are reacting to that change. Students are going into a generation of learning that involves Project based learning which is based off of communication and connecting with others. From Brian Crosby we can learn that projects can become an important way to get students attention and allow them to share their finding through blog post. From his project we learn that students can become teachers themselves when helping other students complete the activity they posted on their blog. From the balloon project the students saw how powerful communicating and connecting could be. 

21st Century Learning

Making thinking visible By: Mark Church 

Project Based Learning By: Dean Shareski 

From Mark Church we learn to make thinking visible. This means take what students are thinking and collaborating on and give it an audience. From Dean Shareski we learn a new style of teaching. We learned how three teachers came together with teaching fields of English, history and computer technology. I thought it was so creative for them to put together their ideas and still cover the states curriculum.

Roosevelt Elementary's PBL program 

 Last be not least, the last and most interesting thing we can learn came from Roosevelt Elementary’s PBL program. In this video we learn that kids are working with PBL and are having fun while doing so. We also got the parents perspective on how they felt about PBL. The parents were all proud of the work their kids were learning and happy that their learning experience was being shared around the world. One of the things I thought was interesting was the fact that the parents mentioned project based learning is helping their kids with public speaking. I never looked at PBL as a tool to help students get over the fear of speaking in front of an audience. Overall we can take a lot away from these teachers. We learn the basics of Project based learning, how it is used, how students feel about it and also how parents like it. We learn that technology is changing education and that this change will lead to new styles of teaching. Most of all we learn that Project based learning is the future and we must be prepared to teach using it. 


  1. Where are the other 2?

    Rather brief. Only skims the surface of what we can learn. The last was the best.

  2. Hey Corey! I also did not think of PBL being a way to help students with public speaking. It is crazy how many different ways PBL can help students and you do not even realize it. I enjoyed reading your post!