Sunday, July 6, 2014


kids using the iPad

Ipad fluency in kindergarten

In this post Sylvia explain how kindergarten students are beginning to use iPads with a more educational approach. She is teaching the students that there is more to the iPad then just apps. Using math, writings, and video to enhance the students learning while still allowing them to enjoy the use of the iPad. Sylvia ideas is that iPads are more than what they have become and that games are not the only source of fun. Kids are into technology and if it is used correctly learning can become entertaining again.

We don't need more leaders

In Sylvia's post titled "We don't need anymore leaders" she discusses the importance of there being more "first time followers" in society. The video showed a young man dancing in a crowd by himself representing the leader. A young man courageously joins him therefore becoming the first time follower. The leader proudly and publicly embraces him making the dance about them both rather then him alone.

This happens in society a lot, in the workplace, classrooms, etc. So many people want to be the leader and not the follower simply because the don't want to be the odd one out or they want to soak up all the  glory. However, being a follower, more importantly a first time follower is important. Being courageous enough to make that step can be more valuable then being the leader. I do believe that it is an under-appreciated form of leadership. Without the followers, a leader wouldn't be much of a leader at all. Who would they lead?

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