Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blog Post #10

Ms. Cassidy's Class

 Ms. Cassidy is a kindergarten teacher in Canada and she teaches technology in her classroom. Her students are using blogs and have their own personal computer in the classroom. In her class her students talk about how they like it when people leave them comments on their blog and how its not nice to leave bad comments. Ms. Cassidy has her own webpage for the students to access where they can click on links that would take them to class material. She has a very interesting concept that technology is here and it is here to stay. She believes that as teacher if you are not trying to learn how to use technology in the classroom you will begin to handicap yourself as well as the students.

 Ms. Cassidy's best advice for me was that in a classroom you should use whatever tool or technology is best for you and the students. Say for example, if the students are into writing you can use the blog post approach to learning. If the students learn more from video you can use the YouTube approach. I learn that there is not a specific way to teach to reach your students. What is important is that you try different teaching methods and continue to use the one that the students positively and academically respond to.

 If I were to choose a way of using technology in my PE class it would be using daily YouTube videos. I believe once students see a certain skill or activity done it can motivate them to at least give it a try. The more they see it and then record themselves doing it the more they can point out what’s wrong with their skill. Something I may encounter with this approach is how would I be able to video all the students individually. By using this approach it will be very time consuming but I think it can be a great way to teach students in a physical education classroom. For example if we are working on free throws I can pull up a clip of someone explaining the skill. Later we will try that skill and everyone will be recorded. The next day we can evaluate who had good free throw technique and who needs more practice. I love the idea of using video and I think it would be great for a PE setting.

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  1. Where are your links?

    Also, what problems or impediments might you face by using YouTube videos, and how would you address them?