Sunday, June 29, 2014

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What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

Teachers and students can teach us a lot about project-based learning. The teachers are daily working with lesson plans involving activities that can enhance the student’s knowledge. Project based learning is used by giving students a driven question that causes them to research answers then eventually ask more question. What we learn from teachers is that project based learning is valuable. It makes the students work meaningful and helps them feel like they serve a purpose in their education.

What we learn from students about Project-based learning is that it is fun. With using tools like blogs, Google docs, wiki, computers and ipad it makes it more interesting to the students. No more pens, pencil, paper, and books; a Project Based Learning classroom is full of technology. From the students we can learn that they love to see their work shared and viewed by the world.
Here are a few links that gives an example of what Project Based Learning can do and how kids are motivated to learn.

In this video you can see what life is without project based learning. You see this girl going through the routine class where the teacher is teaching and the rest of the class is listening or falling asleep. The teacher is explaining something in math but who really cares, it’s boring. The student then dreams about a classroom setting where the teacher is using technology and every student has a laptop. In this dream you can see sharing of information, collaborating and communicating. Even the teacher is more excited and teaching using a more hands on approach. In the end the video says make the dream of PBL a reality.

This video focus was on what motivates students and what rewards work. The video showed about five students talking about how they are each motivated to learn. One student motivation was to make good grades to go to college, another one was the fact that if he didn’t make good grades he wouldn’t be able to do the things he loved. One interesting motivation was a student felt motivated by being praised or acknowledge by the teacher in front of the class. In the end the video talks about what students like as rewards or what teachers uses as rewards. It mostly came down to teachers using some type of token or cash system. Some teacher gave out gifts and some let students do fun activities before or during class.

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  1. I love how you have evidence to back up everything you said. This blog post is very valid and I think it would be a great post to read if you are on the fence about PBL and want to know more about it. Great post!