Monday, June 23, 2014

C4Ta #1

(Just found this C4T in my Drafts)!!!!!! 


In this post Mr. Wickens is at a conference at Loughborough University. He is presenting new ideas on how technology can be used in physical education. He brings up topics like drop box and the future of education. He believes that 84-85% of 11-18 year olds own a hand held device. Mr. Wickens is all for using technology and media to connect and share information around the world. He believes that teacher should be trained to use technology because in the future technology will be the driving force behind education.


In this post Mr. Wickens has just read about how google chrome could be used in someone else blog. He then decides to post how he feels about the tool and shares information on how it could be used in education. He mentions that google chrome can help personalize your online experience. Tools like google drive provides contact with many people to share information for learning. He also likes how the tools allows you to set up bookmarks for your social media. This was just a start for what Google chrome had to offer. Mr. Wickens believe it is growing  and it will be used in education daily. 

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