Sunday, June 22, 2014

C4Tp #2

"Broadening Horizons" Summary

Sylvia's blog was about her teaching career and how the end of the year meant some shift in her job whether it be location, grade, position, etc. She happily announced her change in location. Sylvia will move to Brazil and focussing on Graded's Middle School in São Paulo, Brazil. She will not only face a change in location but culture as well. I find it enlightening and necessary that she is currently using all her resources to better prepare and acquaint herself with Brazil by visiting, using apps, listening to vid cast and podcasts? Making a bucket list, etc. I also found it interesting that she found it important that she keeps virtual relationship with her former colleagues by utilizing their digital literacy. They will continue to use these tools to "enable learning and collaborations". I believe Sylvia's readiness and willingness to learn about her new location, culture, and school while teaching her new students will further her career and her students educational advancement.

"Leaving a Legacy" Summary 

Sylvia's post was about her grandmother being a gifted gardener. She passed 22 years ago however seeds that she planted those many years ago are still blooming beautiful roses. It was truly an inspiration to me because I know firsthand how difficult dealing with death of a loved one can be. To be able to see their fruits of their labor still producing and being notice long after their departure from this earth reminds you of their hard work & dedication. Doing what you love, working hard for what you love lives on forever in you & in the people you love. 

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